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The 1980's - Stuff From My Childhood -Updated 7/7/14

I've been super nostalgic lately .

lets go back!!

Holly Hobby Bedroom sheets
I had these Holly Hobbie sheets when I was little.  I can still recall some of the little sayings on them, like, "To keep a zipper on it's tracks, rub it with some candle wax" and "Honey's good for sweetening tea, and it's as healthy as can be!"
I also had Cabbage Patch & Strawberry Shortcake bed sheets
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at OFF Vintage 1980 Strawberry Shortcake Double by JENNuineVintage, $15.00
I always wanted a canopy bed
I had a holly hobby canopy bed like this when i was a little girl , ahh the memories!

I was really big on Strawberry Shortcake

The delicious smell of Rose Petal and Strawberry Shortcake dolls: | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can UnderstandStrawberry Shortcake house.every time i look some of this toys i feel like crying, i was living at Guadalajara, and she smelled sooo good80's   strawberry shortcake toys | ... 26 2009 tags vintage toys strawberry shortcake 1980 s groups appearsUnopened Blueberry Muffin Miniature from by ManateesToyBox on Etsy, $14.85

80s Strawberry Shortcake Jar / Storage / by pinkysvintagefinds, $5Vintage 80s Strawberry Shortcake juice glasses
and OMG this was my favorite pocket book
80's Strawberry Shortcake  Canvas PurseStrawberry Shortcake purses 80s
My Strawberry Shortcake hat!!! Early 80s... God I love that hatWho didn't have this Strawberry Shortcake game? One of our favorites! :-)
Vintage 1980s Strawberry Shortcake in Big by grandmothersattic, $14.95
Care Bears
80s toy box with sliding chalkboard doors - Google Search
Vintage 1980's Carebears Cousins Childs Pencil Pen by Shabbysweets, $5.50

My Little Pony
Vintage My Little Pony G1 Dream Castle Majesty 80's toy play set Accessories. The horse was Majesty and the dragon was Spike. I remember the felt banners, they didn't last because the holes ripped over time.
mlp first tooth.  Kids today are missing out!
My Little Pony seashore puffy stickers! Women's Tee
 Rainbow Bright

Shy Violet was my fave
Rainbow Brite dolls / sprites Shy Violet, Patty O'Green
Follow this link for more Rainbow Brite toys!Photo: Remember?! Did you have this Rainbow Brite Set?
We used to get matching pajamas for our dolls
Rainbow Brite Doll Size Pajama by weescreamvintage on Etsy
Cabbage Patch Kids
Photo: Catalog Shopping in the 80sCabbage Patch Kid sticker book!!! Loved it!
Photo: Remember?!Photo
MILTON BRADLEY: 1984 CABBAGE PATCH KIDS Hide-And-Seek GameCabbage Patch koos koos

Me in my E.T pj's holding my Annie doll
Dolly Pops
Dolly Pops brand new, nostalgie. by Nae-chan, via FlickrDolly Pops!
Dolly Pops Deluxe Set with Dolly Pop Baby Pop
Shrinky Dinks

More Colorforms
Colorforms! There were Smurfs, Strawberry Shorcake, Hulk, Justice League. There were colorforms for EVERYTHING
colorforms- I love the plastic smell!!!
Vintage SMURF Colorforms Play Set by minikintoyparade on Etsy
Paper Dolls ( I just had the Miss Piggy one)
Miss Piggy Colorforms Dress Up Set vintage 1980 by kookykitsch, $20.00... I totally had this!

Couldn't wait to circle what I wanted in the sears and JC Penny catalogs at Christmas, thinking Santa was going to bring me everything.
and I had that little people set on the cover, lol
Sears Holiday Wish Book catalog was my favorite reading material in the 1970s and 1980s.

(When I wee one)
 Little Fisher Price Toys (Medical kit, Little people, camera, record player etc..) & Romper Stompers that I had in pre-school
Fisher Price Medical Kit 
Source: Etsy Photo: Remember?!
Walt Disney's Cinderella record...Vintage Strawberry Shortcake LP Country by SweetgyrlDesigns, $6.00
Anybody remember Romper Room? stuff-from-my-childhood
How I learned my ABC's other than Sesame street of course
Fisher Price School Desk 

Little People Playsets I had this schoolhouse!  it was awesome!  The roof lifted off and had a playground printed on the underside.  The last Fisher Price I got.

Stuff to play house
Remember these?Vintage 1970's Toy Food 28 Pieces Grocery Store - Seriously, these were among my favorite things to play with as a kid!
Toy Corning Ware Set

Famous 80's Rubik's Cube
plastic smurf figures
Smurf Figurines 
via toyaholic

Loved my sticker books
I had this pink sticker album...and it was PACKED full of all kinds of eyes, scratch  sniff, glow in the dark, name it, I probably had it!
Scratch and Sniff stickers (you can buy some here)
Trend Scratch and Sniff StickersI had quite the collection of sticker books.- this post is awesome! I love this collection. So jealous lol!
Vintage 80's Mello Smellos CARAMEL APPLE Scratch and Sniff StickerVintage 80's Mello Smellos STRAWBERRY Shake Scratch and Sniff StickerVintage 80's Smurfette Flowers Sticker by Stuckonstickers on Etsy, $1.50

Rare Vintage 80s Pacman Puffy Stickers MOC...(Free Shipping Sale)RARE Vintage Poochie for Girls white pink Dog Puffy Padded Vinyl Stickers Sealed Package 1 sheet 9 stickers 1983 1980s 80s. $29.99, via Etsy.
Photo: Puffy Stickers!!
Two Little Twin Stars! My sister had a Christmas ornament of the girl....
Unicorns were an 80's favoriteLisa Frank Rainbow Maned Unicorn in the Clouds Sticker

Strawberry Shortcake scratch-n-sniff stickers were made by American Greetings Corp in 1984.  This line consisted of nine different sheets of  stickers in eight different scents: strawberryvintage Strawberry Shortcake holiday puffy stickersvintage 80's stickers

Sticker Stores
Sticker Stores to fill my sticker albums! Fuzzy, puffy, google-eyed, scratch n sniff, iridescent...rolls  rolls of them!

Jem "is truly outrageous" - She got on my nerves after a short while, and the dolls looked a little strange. Nothing compared to Barbie
Barbie and the Rockers
the one in the heart dress was my fav!!!!!!!!!
Dream Glow Barbie glowed in the dark and had her own bed.
and Vanity apparently, I missed out on that one.
vintage barbie kitchen playset | 1980's Barbie Dream Kitchen. This is the one i had. I played with it for hours upon hours.
Barbie Playline - Les Pink Boxes des années 80
I eventually got a Barbie Town House- (even though I initially really wanted the dream house)
But making my own was even better. I spent more time decorating and setting it up than ever actually playing with it. Mine was very similar to the one below. 
.Doll house armoire-i did this with my barbie furniture

My three favorite sets were the home office, the home entertainment center and the beauty salon-my town house was hooked up
Barbie HOME ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 22 Piece Play Set (1987 Arco Toys, Mattel) by Arco Toys, Mattel. $219.95
1980's Barbie Workout Center - Had this.
Great Shape Barbie 1984...The Barbie in Toy Story 2 and 3 was based on her (I had her)!!vintage pink outfit fun time barbie 80s bonus purple shirt
Dallas. We had one of these! I think it was Katie's. I also remember one of the legs getting broken.Vintage 1980's Shillman Mini Mod Barbie Clone Accessories1980s Jordache Barbie Clothes. $20.00, via Etsy.

Fashion plates

'Get in Shape Girl'
PhotoPhoto: Remember Get in Shape Girl?!?

Popples!Putter! My favourite popple

Some other stuff we played with, Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, Atari, Romper, Speak n Spell, Ring Toss, Hungry Hippos, Board games, Lite-Bright,Sit N Spin, The Memory Game, View Master, Hot wheels Garage.

Vtg Board Game Lot Operation Trouble by MadisonianLegends on Etsy, $70.00I had one of these!!

Of course 80's Hello Kitty 
Happy belated birthday to Keroppi! His birthday's on July 10th! *(^o^)/*
vintage Hello Kitty.......I had the one on the rightSanrio Hello Kitty Colour Eraser house by Creachy, via Flickr
twin stars stamp I had one when I was a little girl wish I could find another onecute Little Twin Stars stamps from Sanrio

 I loved Poochie
Photo: Remember?!Poochie
poochie stamper - like, omg, I loved my poochie!
and I think this chic loved Poochie more then me 

Plastic Charm Necklace
Putting plastic charms on every possible accessory you could get your hands on — and each charm had its own special meaning. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

Nicest jewelry ever to come out of the gumball machine. 
Or you could wait for the holiday gift shop at school. 
My favorite Plastic Heart Bracelet.. until my cat got to it.
Photo: Remember??
 Horrible Jelly shoes that hurt your feet.
rubber bracelets, slap bracelets, Coil bracelets and bangles with paint splatter
Fave Kid Stuff.  Liquid-filled, glitter jelly bracelets.Coil braceletsJelly Bracelets
Friendship Bracelets I would make at day camp at the Y
Photo: Thanks for the post Retta! Remember making these?!? Tag your best friend in the comment section below
When I was small I used these for my pig tails

Tinkerbell makeup you would get from the pharmacy
Photo: Remember?!

Little Blossoms from Avon

avon little blossom whipser soft cologne.AVON  Little blossoms lip balmVintage Avon Fairy Dusting Powder -

I wish they still sold this strawberry shortcake shampoo, my hair smelled great.
Also had to have Johnson & Johnson no more tangles and Mr Bubbles!
Johnson's No More TanglesMr. Bubble Bubble Bath

I had this loom set, I think i made one pot holder and used the rest as ties. They ended being all over the house

The Loom and Those Loops

Girl Games
Photo: Back to 1988! Remember??

Photo: Do you remember this?
I think almost every girl had a glitter baton
Photo: Do kids play with these anymore?! No Technology, just fun :)
and a Sharp QT 50 boom box
Sharp Boomboxes 
Photo: Memorex  #Memories
Singles (I  never stole these from Sam Goodys)
Cassette Singles!
1980s P'jammer GE General Electric. Alarm Clock. I totally had this! I wish I still had it....Loved this thing!

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

70's Terrycloth Roller Skate Short Set  - oh, Terrycloth, you were so comfortable and light weight!
I had an orange one like the one above that I wore every freakin weekend.
Too funny but so true! Cute is not always good!
Buster Brown shoes

leg warmers & Slouch socks 
Layered slouch/scrunch socks. Because one pair was never enough!
1979 Candies shoes
Keds, Colored Reeboks' and LA Gear's

KedsLA Gear ad
and Eww I did not wear these because I was not preppy, but all the preppy girls in my school did.
(along with the knot) they were worn with EG brand slouch socks (those I wore)

More Neon
velcro wallet  flip flop keychain. I had this exact set. Wow, forgot until I saw this. Isn't Pinterest wonderful.

Buttons for your Jean Jacket and Bag
the "it" bag for every little girl in the 80s
Middle school "label" / had a similar Esprit bag - late 80s.Esprit purse haha i totally had that purse! that was the one what's his name snatched off my seat in mr. slaughter's class!
Bomber jackets
This is a realistic picture of what we looked like in high school in the 80s.80's fashion with Alyssa Milano - we all wanted to look like "Sam" back then!
We all wanted to look like Sam back then. 
Swatch Watches
Swatch Watches - 80s Fashion and Beauty, Watches | Stuff from the 80s
Colorful Earrings
80s EarringsFlourescent 80's style Earrings

Tee-shirt clips
Sergio Valente
80s fashion80s fashion | The 80′s will never fade out of style (26 photos) » 80s-fashion-5
Overalls for Everyone!
TLC also wearing overalls, this time with condoms all over them: | The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened63 reasons boy bands were better in the 90s....overalls
Z Cavaricci What?  What MC Hammer is to parachute pants is what Z Cavaricci is to pants in the 80s
Vintage Bum Equipment Tee Shirt 80s
80s Skidz Black and Teal Men's Plaid Shorts by kokorokoko on Etsy, $34.00
I found some YouTube 80's Jean Commercials Gloria Vanderbilt,  Jordache Jeans,and this one,  Sasson Stretch Jeans, Levis Button Fly 501 Jeans, Sergio Valente , Chic/ Mom Jeans and my favorite Jean commercials were always for Bugle Boy Jeans
I love this!  It screams 80's!
80s sweater50 Signs That You Grew Up In The 90's
Loved Gitano in the 80s.
United Colors of Benetton

it was perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt to school. 

That it’s perfectly acceptable to wear neon spandex biker shorts with just a T-shirt to school. | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand
Black lace-bottom leggings

Blanket forts rock!
Rainbow Brite Sleeping Bag Vintage 1983
Vintage 1980's Care Bear Duffle Bag by silverliningtoys on Etsy  (had this in yellow)80sPacific Connections 1980s pink unicorn barrel/duffel purse

Neon Phones 
Swatch phones
Clear Phones
Le Clic Camera
Photo: If you didn't have a 110 film camera, chances are you had this! Or perhaps, both?!?

Remember? (Yes 70s kids, we know)

The main Kitchen "House" Phone looked something like this. 
If someone cranked called you, or you didn't get to the phone in time to answer, you could dial *69 and it would call the person right back.  It cost about 75 cents each time. This was before caller ID
Emergency Breakthrough
Before Call waiting my friends would call the operator and ask to do an emergency break through. The  operator cuts in your call to say, “ALERT YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY BREAK-THOUGH FROM CATHY.”  Obviously my father was not too happy if he was on the phone at the time.

what is there left to say about old phones?
They should still have these in case of emergencies like losing ur cell

Popular hair products, in my childhood and tween years ---Salon Selectives, Rave hairspray,  Stiff Stuff, Sun In, and Glitter Hairspray
 Stiff stuff. One of the ways we kept our hair high in the 80's/90sBangin’ on Like Totally 80sGlitter hair sprayScrunchies
(via hambaga:saturnrings:twigthewonderkid:alligatorteeth)80s Hair Scrunchies! Yup....I did the three A little while back I heard somewhere or another that the 80s were back. Well, not exactly back, but it does seem that the 80s are finally far...
Banana Clips THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES from the 80's. if i i could find some banana clips i would still wear them! I loved my hair banana clipped!!!

guilty of all
I think I had this radio & I believe it was just after getting my gigantic boom box! QT50 radio cassette recorder designed in 1984 by SharpAhhhh...... The days of "laying out" in the sun with Sun-In in our hair and using baby oil and iodine as tanning!!! We went to school with orange hair and!!!baby oil with iodine

Caboodles make-up cases
If you were a tween in the late '90s or early 2000s, you probably identify Caboodles with blue, sparkly, translucent, round-edged boxes. But for you '70s babies and '80s kids, this box perfectly embodies the strange, hazy aesthetic of that transitional era. That muted pink and Miami Vice-esque font could be straight out of a Polaroid from your first-ever gymnastics meet.
Photo: Caboodles!!
Kissing Koolers
Maybelline Kissing Potion
I used to wear so much of this my dad would joke I looked like I had just finished eating fried chicken. :/

Blue mascara
Maxi Colors-to-Go eyeshadow from the 80's.
Maybelline Brush/Blush
Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish | 27 Beauty Products Of The ’90s You’ll Never Use Again.... OMG I HAD SO MANY WET N WILD NAIL POLISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Electric Youth and Baby Soft perfume
and Here is the Debbie Gibson Electric Youth video which the perfume was named after. 

Exclamation! perfume

tribe perfume

ugh Sea breeze, I can remember the smell.
Sea Breeze! WOW I bought tons of this-so damn bad for your face lol. It sat on the shelf right next to my Sun-In Clearasil as a good cure for fever blisters? We have a genuine look at this belief to determine if there is any sort of confirmation with regards to it. Clearasil pore cleansing pads

Hair Crimper

80's School stuff

Trapper Keepers 
( I had the electric neon heart and the purple one with the palm tree)
Vintage Mead Trapper Keeper Designer Series
Trapper Keepers! I had one that had a pegasus on it.....or was it a unicorn??Trapper Keeper!!!! Pretty sure I had this one too.. everything had/has to be cats!! :)
Critter Sitters! With your Trapper Keeper and Lisa Frank stickers, of course.Critter Sitters!
Super shades Binder and notebooks
I LOVED these notebooks with pink and blue paper in the 80's!  Pink was my favorite!
This was the worst, especially if you pinched your fingers in there. 
THIS: | The 23 Absolute Worst Parts Of Your Childhood
I love Mr Sketch smelly Markers 
Mr. Sketch Markers 
Who didn't do this with their markers?!?

Pentel Markers for serious art projects only.....
Pentel markers--these were for the serious art projects!
and This thing became a mess after the first time using it.
...I remember trying to use the left handed ones because they had a Lil cushion thing on it but then it hurt your hand

Pencil Boxes
The United States of America  1980's School by HappySageVTG, $5.00I LOVED these old pencil boxes.
Flomo Pencil Cases
Photo: Remember?!Straight out of 1987, Septembergirl's (me) vintage Hello Kitty Little Twin Stars pencil case. Double-sided too!
Pencil Pouch
Pencil case #80s
Hahaha, I remember doing that!

I covered my books with paper bags in the 80's, by the time I got to high school in the 90's I didn't care if my books were covered or not.  Oh & those old ditto Machines
Yea, except we were so cool and made these in the 70s and 80s, too!Ditto machine. That awesome purple colored ink? Can you still smell it? #80s #memories

These Pencils
Remembered by Melissa Daniels
I loved those floaty pens
80's fruit erasersErasers
Erasers18 1980's vintage eraser collection by RememberDottye on Etsy, $15.00Retro Heaven
Pretty pencils
80s sanrio pencil collection
Double Sided Colored Pencils80s Lovely Fan Pencils  Vintage Gold Collectible by JirjiMirji, €24.92
Remember these throwback pencil cases, w/the slide rulers & sharpener, from the 70's & 80's. Req'd school supplies back then! :)

The most awesome thing we did in gym class
The most AWESOME thing we ever did in school.
The Second most awesome thing we did in gym, until you ran your fingers over.
Gym Class Scooters
Remembered by Matthew Rosen. 
Recess / or after lunch
Four Sqaure

Valentines Day at school
Valentine’s Day “Mailboxes”
Courtesy of neatocoolville

Letter people in Kindergarten
Remember when are teacher taught us to remember the planets by repeating this phrase
MVery Educate Mother Just Served UNine Pizza's
I guess now its MVery Educated Mother Just Served UNachos

and ..
#childhood #memories

lunch at school
I hated when this happened.
THIS: | The 23 Absolute Worst Parts Of Your Childhood
Vintage  Lunch Box  Metal  Annie Movie  by ESPRITVINTAGE on Etsy, $30.0029. Vintage Care Bears Metal Lunch Box With Thermos! I had one of these as a little girl :)Smurfs Plastic Lunch Box. I had this!
Barbie and The Rockers Lunch box and thermos 80s barbie sensation retro and awesome set to start school with. via Etsy.1980S Favorite Foods | retro 1980s STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE LUNCHBOX by staircasetotheatticCABBAGE PATCH KIDS 1980'S VINTAGE LUNCHBOX & THERMOS


snack with juice or milk in my Pac-man mug

ABC After School Specials
You looked forward to ABC Afterschool Specials and felt sort of edgy watching them. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can UnderstandYou looked forward to ABC Afterschool Specials | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

The 2 hours of after school shows and cartoons from 3-5pm
He-Man and She-Ra rocked.  OH MY GOODNESS! The girls and I NEVER missed this series!!  Memories

I think Muppet Babies was a saturday Morning Cartoon Only

Saturday Morning Cartoons (1985)

(the shows from when I was real young)

The Magic Garden- Did anyone else watch this show but me?

This Sesame Street songs always sticks out in my head

Here's a pretty good compilation I found on Youtube that has many of my favorite

twiddlebugs <3

       Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip mmm hmm, mmm hmm.

Teeny little super guy
Teeny Little Super Guy

"Take a Look, Its in a Book a Reading Rainbow"

Romper Room (always waiting for her to say my name at the end)
I actually found a video on Youtube where she says my name

"1984 Romper Room Magic Mirror Clip"

and Mr. Rogers of Course

"You make each day a special day. You know how, by just your being you. There's only one person in this whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are." - Mr. Rogers

More 80's TV

 Punky Brewster, Little House on the Prairie  Peewee's Playhouse,  Knight Rider, Three's company, Perfect Strangers, Family Ties, The Golden Girls (still one of my faves), The Cosby Show (Claire and Heatcliff were like second parents to me), Cheers, Mr. Belvedere, Chips, Kate and Allie  My two dads, Different Strokes, Mama's House,  Kids Incorporated, Alf and the Wonder Years, Highway to Heaven, What's Happening

I wanted her room when I was 7
Photo: Loved Punky Brewster AND her totally Awesome room!

Saturday Morning Cartoons (1985)

The days when we played outside until the lights came on.
Photo: Thanks Mom!
I feel like my dad when he says :When I was your age..: but life was alot simpler when I was 8...
my brothers hand me down Big Wheels. I used to pretend I was part of the Chips motorcycle squad.
I also had his hand me down orange kid motorcycle.
toys from the 70s | Calling all 70s retro toy experts... - Page 2 - MacRumors Forums

My favorite thing in the whole world when I was ten was my grey and pink huffy ten speed

When the park had fun and potentially dangerous equipment
metal jungle gym :) no plastic here

What I had in my backyard, I miss this.
Metal swing set.anyone else loose the majority of skin from the back of your legs going down the metal slide that baked in the sun all morning?Old Tire Swing

Still my favorite De-stressor
Favorite destressor

I didn't have pool parties, I had sprinkler parties
Running through sprinklers in the summertime


Cats Cradle
Chinese Jump Rope

Playing DodgeBall on a dead end street

OMG I almost forgot Red Rover  "Red Rover, Red Rover, let Megan come over" 

I  went to the roller rink often
Roller Skating Rinks
Source: Flickr 
My First Skates
Fisher Price Roller Skates
Then I graduated to these babies
1983 Rainbow Brite roller skates

Speaking of the roller rink this song reminds me of the music we used to skate too
 (Alisha-All Night Passion)

Favorite 80's Movies 


I made my dad take me to see 'Back 2 The Future' three freaking times
1.21 gigawatts

The Goonies

Adventures In Babysitting
Photo: LOL LIKE if you Remember!

She's out of Control  (hey I had that White Skirt)
She&#8217;s Out of Control

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

 The Legend of Billie Jean "FAIR IS FAIR"

The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles

Say Anything

Photo: Remember Watching?!

The Lost Boys- When Vampires didn't have Glitter on them

Stand By Me

"and then your mother goes around the corner and she licks it up"

Poltergeist "They're heeere"
The tree and that damn clown doll in that movie scared the hell out of me and
When there is a thunder storm I still count the seconds between the lightning and the thunder

Dirty Dancing
Photo: Awesome 80s!!
"No one puts baby in the corner"

This was a tear jerk-er, I saw it with my mom and my BFF
Photo: 1988 Classic LIKE if you Remember!!

"Reading is fundamental" 

What we read when we were little

We&#8217;re Busy, Charlie Brown! 
Source: FlickrThe Mouse and the Motorcycle Sweet Pickles
Strawberry Shortcake and the Deep Dark Woods. A Parker Brothers Story Book. 1980's toy kids childrens. $8.00, via Etsy.I still have this!  :)  1980s vintage Charlie Browns 'Cyclopedia by AnemoneReadsVintage, $8.95
Books on record or tape (I guess so our parents didn't have to read to us)
…and Book and Records… | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can UnderstandStorybook cassettes..
and books we read when we were a little older
Oh how I love this book!  My daughter is reading it right now!  But this is exactly the cover mine had!

Goodbye Pink Pig
Remembered by Elizabeth K. Go Ask Alice - I loved this book and movie!!! Read it in my 11th grade English elective course called "Romances!". Lol!  Think of it every time I hear dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic and Go Ask Alice by Jefferson Airplane.
Choose your own adventure books

Besides going to B'Dalton booksellers in the mall we would order our books from Troll and Scholastic at school

they used to come with free posters if you order more than 1 or 2 books
I used to get posters like this from the scholastic book orders.This was one of the best things to look forward to as a 90's elementary school student.. (yes another 90's post) - ImgurThis had a lot to do with my love of reading

"Teen Works" was a subscription binder - You would get new inserts every month
Especially For Girls - 80s Book Club had this!!

notes from friends not texts 
 80's Magazines

Teen Magazine, Big Bopper, Bop, Dynamite, Tiger Beat, 16, Teen Beat, Seventeen, Metal Edge, Rap Masters

Seventeen Magazine
via hg-

A taste of 80's Hip Hop

I had a big crush on LL when I was ten, and it lasted a long time...

(Remembered by Ken Q.)Photo: Did you have your Pumas & Adidas, boom box and cardboard mat?

In the late 80's almost everyone wore bamboo earrings and airbrushed our Jean's especially on the butt.
If you lived in NJ you would get them airbrushed down the shore at SeaSide

Recording songs off the radio
I loved Friday Night Videos!

Food and Candy

Photo: I know you remember!?!
Holy crap these swirly lifesaver lollipops were so good!!!
Life Savers Lollipops ad, March 1977.

Minute Maid fruit juice frozen triangles.
Loved Powder Iced Tea..still do

Especially in these babies
Seeing these bad boys every time you opened your kitchen cabinet: Life of a 90s kid

lender's bagels

Life Saver Swirl lollipops
These were so good!! Life Savers Lollipops ad, March 1977.

Brach&#8217;s Jelly Nougats
(Remembered by jaydeeeee)
I only got one of these sweet things when we went to Disney World around 4 years old, and I fell asleep in the car and it got in my hair. No wonder why my parents never bought me one of them ever again.
(Remembered by haikusfromthe80s) 

Pepsi FreeGarbage Candy

Loved this stuff but I hated it when the stick broke.
THIS: | The 23 Absolute Worst Parts Of Your Childhood

Courtesy of Jason Liebig

Bubble Yum Bananaberry SplitHubba Bubba Cola Gum

Bonkers candy commercial

Super Bubble 
Tupperware Popsicle Molds
Source: Etsy
The &#8216;Where&#8217;s The Beef?&#8217; Lady
Photo courtesy of Kerrytoonz


1980's: McDonalds sold these Garfield mugs.

McDonald&#8217;s Birthday Cake
Photo courtesy of Jason Liebig

Having a birthday party at McDonald’s was the thing to do for many reasons, but the main reason was the cake.  On top of the cake sat a collection of McDonald land characters -Ronald, Grimace, Birdie, the Hamburglarthat were made out of pure sugar. And then you got to play on the cool play ground.  I'm not sure why we as children enjoyed the hamburger jail.  I don't think my mom liked having to go through the trouble of throwing me a party at home  and I don't blame her for that.  So one year I had a party at Micky D's  another at a bowling alley, one at the roller rink, but wait I did have that at home sprinkler in the back yard party.  

Mr. Freeze Pops
Jello 1-2-3Hostess Fruit Pies

Before Fruit Roll-ups, there were Fruit bars
Fruit Corners Fruit Bars
Remember FRUIT SWIRL BARS?! Me neither.  
Photo courtesy of Gregg Koenig 

Old stores in NJ
Rickels Hardware & Channel Home Center, Caldor, The WIZ, Alexander's, Bambergers, A&S, Stern's, Woolworths,  Canadian's,  Arcadia Gardens (Menlo Park Mall),  Sam Goody, Music Den, The Cookie Machine. KB Toys
Bradlees department store.  There was one a few blocks from me.  Remember 'Mrs. B' from the commercials?

A&S taken over by Macy's in 1995
Stern's (now Macy's) - Woodbridge Center Mall - Woodbridge, NJ
Sterns Woodbridge Center, NJ(Also now Macy's)

NA » Stores that don't exist anymoreNA » Stores that don't exist anymore
Lerner's & Thom McAn
The Mall of the 80s. #80s - Lerner. Washingtion square mall. Circa 1980s by CMG0220, via Flickr
Old Menlo Park Cinema (where Macaroni Grill is now)

On Rt 1(NJ) there was the US1 Flea Market, This was the best place to shop

Chain Restaurants 
 Poderosa- we used to sneak in to get free ice cream when we were in the mall. 

Bob's Big Boy (We stopped here on the NJ Turnpike every time on the way back from the City )
 Sizzler and the Ground Round

Bennigans & Charlie Browns (there are just a couple of them left)

My dad and I would eat breakfast here on Sunday

update- 7/7/13 I found this other cool blog that brings back a lot of memories


Anonymous said...


~Jaalla~ said...

I LOVED looking at your sight! Such a flashback as I'm 32. :)

Megan said...

Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

An impressive share! I've just forwarded this onto a co-worker who was doing a little research on this.
And he actually ordered me dinner simply because I
found it for him... lol. So allow me to reword this....

Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter here on your site.

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Jolie said...

Can I go back to being a kid in the 80s again? That was the best decade! I graduated high school in '89. I sure miss playing/buying/eating/watching/listening/wearing and living all this fabulous stuff! Thanks for the memories!

Megan said...

Glad you enjoyed :)

Anonymous said...

What an incredible page! I had a great time reminiscing with my children. You've created a time machine and museum of a simpler and fun time! Great work and thank you!

Rodriguez said...

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Brandy Cabana said...

Wow, I grew up in Arizona in the 80s, and remember 95% of this stuff!!! What a great post! Thank you for doing this, it was wonderful to read. :)

Megan said...

Thank you, I forgot that I did this post. I'm glad you enjoyed. 80's childhood was the best.

Megan said...

Thank you, I forgot that I did this post. I'm glad you enjoyed. 80's childhood was the best.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful memories!!!. Thank you.

Jennifer Taylor said...

Gosh you must be a 70's child like me! Thanks for taking me down memory lane! 💕😊

Cherie Rosie said...

Im so grateful i stumbled upon this. Great job w the blog. I wish I could just keep the smell of what the 'Johnson's and Johnson's no more tangles' used to smell like back then.